Black Friday @ Hot Box Stoves

Hot Box Stoves Black Friday Cheap Stoves

It happens but once a year. The UK descend into a frenzy of buying panic. Pushing shoving and arguing over the latest price crash on a toaster. Hot Box Stoves have created a unique online black Friday event. No pushing, no shoving just a peaceful shopping experience. We have not restricted stock levels so there […]

How much does it cost to install a wood burner?

Installation of a wood burning stove components

Woodburner installation costs… Clearly, when looking at woodburner installation costs there is much to consider. At Hot Box, we have installed thousands of woodburners over the years. When it comes to cost, we always consider each installation on its own merits. The number of variables will be explained within this article. Further, by the end, […]

Why install An Eco Design Ready Stove…

Wood Fuel Delivery Hot Box Stoves

What are Eco Design Ready Stoves? Regulations are changing to future proof the UK wood burning stove industry. Eco design ready stoves are the wood burning stoves of the future. Eco design ready stoves have been designed to reduce emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely. However, the reduction emissions does not stop with […]

Installing a wood burning stove in an existing fireplace

Installing a wood burning stove into a chimney

Installing a wood burner into an existing chimney properly… Due to the nature of the housing stock in the UK, installing a wood burner into an existing chimney is a popular choice. This brief article aims to depict the best way in which to get the most out of your chimney and new wood burner. […]

Wood burning stoves for tiny houses

Small Wood Burning Stove

You may well be looking for a wood burning stove for a tiny house however you may also be looking for just a small wood burner? Let’s take a look at what options are available if you are tight on space or have a smaller house or even a small wood burning stove for a […]

Whats the difference between wood burning and multi fuel stoves?

wood burning inset stove, DG Vision 80

Wood burning or multifuel stove? Should I buy a wood burning or multifuel stove? This is a question that we have been asked on a number of occasions over the years when installing stoves. All of the above appliances, installed by Hot Box Stoves, are examples of wood burning stoves. They do not have a […]

An experts guide to buying stoves online

quality stoves online, Spartherm moder inset stove set into a wall in a contemporary setting.

Quality Stoves online…. We have outlined the reasons why buying quality stoves online can ensure you get the “best burn for your $” Buying Stoves Online…. Buying a wood burning or multifuel stove online can often be risky. That’s why Hot Box have provided this blog post so that you know what to look out […]

5 Quick reasons to sweep your chimney

Chimney Sweep Yorkshire | Hotbox Stoves York

5 Quick reasons to sweep your chimney | Hotbox Stoves | York If you have a chimney you need to read this. When it comes to safety and keeping your chimney in good condition it is vital to have it swept regularly. Here are 5 quick reasons to sweep your chimney. Sweeping your chimney regularly […]

La Castellamonte Stove Installation – Scotland

La Castellamonte Stove Installation Hotbox Stoves Ltd

La Castellamonte Stove Installation – Scotland A recent La castellamonte stove installation completed by Hotbox Stoves. Called to Scotland the team headed further north than usual! A renovation project required a unique wood burning stove to complete the clients desired finish. At the client’s request, we provided a unique La Castellamonte stove sat upon a […]