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At Hot Box we understand the importance of flexibility when considering any new business venture. We are happy to work alongside prospective franchisees to help them create a business that is right for them and not just us. When investing in a Hot Box Franchise you have the option to either operate solely as an online business or, if you choose, look to run the online element alongside a retail outlet to maximise the brand presence in your area.

When we started in 2009 we did not immediately have access to a showroom and successfully managed to grow our business from a basic website into what we are today. We will not hold our franchisees to a minimum level of business, meaning that you are free to grow the business alongside your existing job if necessary.

What is the business opportunity with Hot Box?

  • An e commerce business, people have a tendency to buy online from businesses local to them.
  • Full stove installation services, this presents a massive opportunity to add value to your sale by offering a complete service.
  • Option to sell wood fuel in your local area.
  • A superb range of summertime products to keep you busy, if and when the weather is fine!
  • Streamlined business tools to control quotations, invoicing, ordering and payments.
Why consider a Hot Box Franchise

By choosing a Hot Box Franchise you will have an immediate online business, allowing you to sell your range of products and services in your given territory straight away without an immediate need for a designated premises.

You will have access to our entire product range allowing you time to focus on generating sales rather than negotiating terms with suppliers. Your business account will operate through our head office and products will be delivered to you at pre agreed discounts. All transactions will be web based and run through our e commerce platform allowing you to buy stoves and installation components at your rates quickly and easily.

Our unique online business systems allow you to manage your business from anywhere. Produce full quotations, send invoices, generate monthly reports and mange stock. Our system will also allow Hot Box franchisees to offer detailed quotations whilst in clients houses. Our aim, for all Hot Box members, is to minimise paperwork and allow more time to focus on running the business.

Fees Payable by Franchisees

Our initial fee is set at £25,000.00+VAT which includes everything you need to get your business off the ground in your given location.

Thereafter we will charge a royalty of 5%, payable monthly on gross sales

Discount Structure

Your discount structure on products will be set on day one and will be up to 40% on installation components and between 35-40% on appliances leaving ample opportunity to generate profit on sales

Am I suitable for a Hot Box Franchise

Ideally some sort of construction, plumbing or heating background would be preferred but it is also important that you have a willingness to learn and  good business acumen.

Ultimately, like most businesses, the key is to generate and execute sales as efficiently as possible and most importantly, keep your customers happy.

If you think that you can operate your own business and have an interest in our range of products then the likelihood is that you will be suitable but more can be gleaned from an initial meeting with us