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On the off chance that you live in an assigned Smoke Control Area, the Clean Air Act keeps you from discharging smoke from your stack. Notwithstanding, our fires are unique to common stoves.

You can utilize all Parkray models to burn well-prepared logs, regardless of whether you live in a Smoke Control Area. The inherent innovation guarantees that discharges are reliably low.

These advanced Parkray models are remarkably effective; achieving the most extreme yield of 11kw and a few models even have the choice to include a boiler, extraordinary news for everybody searching for execution and economy.

Parkray Aspect range

Parkray aspects range

Curl up in front of the large landscape window of the Aspect fire range and relax to the picturesque view of the flames. With clean lines and a truly impressive output, The Aspect wood burner will make a great addition to your living space. Available with a number of options helping it to integrate beautiful into your home whatever the design style.

Parkray consort range

The consort range

A real fire creates a fabulous warm atmosphere and heats your whole home. The consort range from parkray is ideal bringing all the traditional charm of a fireplace. Enjoy a wonderfully natural flame picture with the peace of mind that your stove is made with the highest of standards and safety features.

Double sided & Inset

From: £1,116.55 £941.96 inc. VAT
From: £1,003.56 £828.97 inc. VAT

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Ivar 5 and Kit

From: £1,485.56 £1,129.97 inc. VAT

Black Friday


£50.00 £40.00 inc. VAT

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£30.00 £24.00 inc. VAT
£35.00 £26.00 inc. VAT
£2,499.00 £1,447.00 inc. VAT
£2,699.00 £1,522.00 inc. VAT
double side or inset?

A focal point on both sides, perfect for an open-plan living for both traditional and contemporary rooms. A double-sided stove is a revelation for open plan spaces and a single depth stove radiates more heat effictively through your living space.

Wood Burning Stoves

There is nothing quite as romantic as curling up in front of a stove, and the Parkray range offers the perfect solution for homes large or small. Featuring a selection of both traditional and contemporary designs, with wood, multifuel and a new gas model to choose from.


When purchasing or installing a brand new Parkray stove it’s important to remember to register for your warranty

The standard is a 2-year conditional guarantee.

 However, this standard 2-year warranty can be extended to a 5 year or 10 year conditional warranty dependent on the model type (5 years- Boiler models, 10 years- Room heater and Gas models).

you can do this easily by following the link below; 


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