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If you are looking for the ultimate wood burning feature fireplace or free standing wood burner then look no further than Spartherm. Spartherm stoves are truly top end pieces of kit. Due to the bespoke nature of the installation surrounding these appliances Hot Box Stoves are willing to carry out the installation of these products nationally. Why not speak to one of our team for more information on these exceptional products from our German friends. E mail advice available from Hot Box Stoves.

Spartherm inset stoves

spartherm Ambience stoves

Linear & SEO

Stovo & Sino


Spartherm Stovo L

£2,600.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Stovo M

£2,795.00 inc. VAT
£2,305.00 inc. VAT
£2,955.00 inc. VAT
£2,955.00 inc. VAT

Senso & Passo


Spartherm Senso L

£2,920.00 inc. VAT
£4,205.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Senso S

£2,480.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Passo L

£3,755.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Passo M

£3,825.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Passo S

£3,605.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Passo XS

£2,805.00 inc. VAT

Piko & Cubo


Spartherm Piko H2O

£4,270.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Piko L

£2,660.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Piko M

£2,810.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Piko S

£2,370.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Cubo L

£2,765.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Cubo S

£2,470.00 inc. VAT


Spartherm Cubo M

£2,915.00 inc. VAT

spartherm log burners FAQ

How do I find the right stove for me?

Choosing the right stove is partly a matter of personal taste. It’s best to discuss the technical, structural and user-specific parameters with a specialist dealer or stove installer in your local area. He will also be able to visit your home to look at your particular installation conditions.

What kW value should I choose?

The kW value indicates the output of the unit and how much radiant heat it emits. This is a value under test conditions which relates to the conditions in the particular country. The actual heat output depends on the amount of wood that the individual user puts on the fire. The size of the room also plays a big part in establishing a comfortable temperature and air quality. If you choose a unit with too low an output, the room will not be warm enough, and with too high an output, the air will soon start to feel overheated. Thermal storage stoves, no matter whether water or natural stone is used as the storage medium, will absorb a lot of energy when the stove is first lit. A slightly higher kW value can be allowed for units of this type.

What add-ons are available?

From the dust particle separator to additional storage medium or an elegant frame and the fitting of customised units, SPARTHERM has everything you need for your ideal stove.

What are room air sealed stoves?

SPARTHERM heating units can be operated as a room air sealed version with an external combustion air supply and they are approved by Germany’s DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) for room air sealed operation in connected rooms (air inlet, flue gas duct, stove). Our room air sealed units are very effectively sealed and are able to withstand a negative pressure of up to 8 Pa. This technology enables us to guarantee safe combustion while ventilation systems such as extractors are in use, without needing additional safety devices. In room air sealed operation, the air supply for combustion must be led into the unit from an external source, via airtight pipes. 

What does primary and secondary air mean?

Every SPARTHERM heating unit has two paths for air for combustion entering the fire chamber – the primary air flow (bottom air) and the secondary air flow (top air). When the fire starts to burn in the lighting phase, the maximum primary and secondary air flow is delivered to the stove. Then, in the subsequent course of burning, it receives secondary air only. SPARTHERM products enable the air supply to be controlled with precision.

spartherm custom build