Burley wood burner, the brand with “The most efficient wood burning stove in the world”

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Why choose a Burley wood burner….

Burley wood burning stoves are amongst the most efficient around. The simple air control, fire ball effect, good build quality, impressive view of the flames and competitive price point make these stoves a popular choice. We are not allowed, as requested by the manufacturer, to list prices online but will beat any genuine quotation on all Burley wood burning stoves. Most of us want to just sit in front of their Burley stove and enjoy the amazing flame picture and warmth, without the least interest in how it works. Some of us are passionate and will want to amaze and captivate our friends and families with our encyclopaedic knowledge of why our stove is the most efficient in the world, because within a Burley stove, a tubular framework channels air from the intake at the rear and then around the fuel bed where it is preheated. The framework extends up each corner of the chamber, where the hot air is injected horizontally along the sides of the stove to make a whirlwind, whipping the gases together known as the VORTEX. Burley stoves are up to 89.8% efficient and by comparison a 60% efficient stove will require 50% more fuel to produce the same heat.

burley wood burning stoves

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