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Hunter Stoves, traditional multi-fuel stoves with timeless aesthetics. Hunter stoves are often considered to be the first stoves of their kind to be made in the UK. As a business Hunter has a slightly chequered past with the company having some difficulties over their trading history which spans almost half a century. 

With the problems of the past left behind the brand is now thriving, offering an array of traditional units and some more contemporary additions putting them back at the forefront of the stove industry.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable stove then Hunter and their other brands could be just the ticket.

Hunter Hawk wood burning stoves



£1,195.00 inc. VAT


Hunter KESTREL 5

£639.00 inc. VAT

Small Output

Hunter HAWK 4

£574.00 inc. VAT
Traditional Wood Burning Stoves

Each of Hunter Stoves range has traditional options to choose from. Designing stoves for almost half a century they have brands that have a heritage that spans 165 years, a heritage that has been assimilated and developed. The traditional stoves will give your home that feel and look that stoves had in decades past, the important difference being that inside these traditional stoves lives the most modern of stove technology.

Hunter Herald Stoves


Hunter HERALD 80B

£1,555.00 inc. VAT


Hunter HERALD 14

£995.00 inc. VAT


Hunter HERALD 8

£825.00 inc. VAT


Hunter HERALD 4

£664.00 inc. VAT
Contemporary stoves from Hunter

Contemporary stoves are designed to blend seamlessly even with the most modern of houses. The clean lines give you the modern beauty that is quiet, yet stimulating. With a range of options to choose from, the most modern Cleanburn and Airwash technology, as well as the patented Flame Blade and Dynamic Control these stoves are hard to beat.

Hunter Inset Stoves

£1,215.00 inc. VAT
£1,100.00 inc. VAT
Inset Style Stoves from Hunter

Hunter Stoves inset stove seamlessly blends into their surroundings and become an integral part of the home they are fitted in. Once fitted, they seem not only to belong but to have always been there. All of the inset models are designed and built with Hot Airwash and Tripleburn Technology.

Hunter double sided wood burners

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