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Distinctive, contemporary wood burning stoves “Creation of Flames”

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Dik Geurts is one of our favourite brands to install. The fireboxes are superb and as a result the view of the flames awesome. In the range, Dik Geurts offer a stove for pretty much all applications at a price point which is highly competitive.

Dik Geurts wood stoves, where style and function are in perfect harmony and so energy efficient, easy to use, clean burning and built to stand the test of time. Most Dik Geurts stoves have a one lever operation, that regulates the primary air flow enabling rapid ignition of the fire and, also with a second airflow that ensures maximum combustion. Dik Geurts contemporary wood burning stoves offer classic, no-nonsense wood burners and versatile solid fuel stoves, together with curvaceous and panoramic 3-sided log burning stoves that will not look out of place in any style setting. Dik Geurts model stoves meet the most stringent quality requirements and belong in the combustion technique elite.

dik geurts Instyle / Prostyle wood burners

Dik Geurts instyle/prostyle stoves

Instyle and Prostyle series from Dik Geurts are typically square or horizontal style models for built-in or insert type applications. Available in a variety of sizes and style frames they are a popular choice for the built-in style. Featuring a tunnel style model these stoves are perfect for anyone looking to install a double sided wood burning stove.

Dik Geurts Ivar Wood Burners

Defra Approved Stoves

Dik Geurts IVAR 8 Store

£1,515.00 inc. VAT

Defra Approved Stoves

Dik Geurts IVAR 8

£1,315.00 inc. VAT
£1,415.00 inc. VAT

Dik Geurts Ivar 5 and ranges

The ever-popular Dik Geurts Ivar 5 is one of our most installed stove choices. The Ivar range features a robust line up of good quality wood burning stoves. The Ivar 8 (the big brother) is great for heating larger rooms while the Ivar 5 is a more all-rounder of a stove.

Dik Geurts Stoves have been at the forefront of our installation journey having installed hundreds of these over the years we are well versed in the durability and quality of each and every one.

When looking for a wood burning stove it is hard to find something better than a Dik Geurts stove. Contact us today for more info.

Dik Geurts Contemporary Stoves

Dik Geurts Traditional Style Stoves

Dik Geurts Odin SToves

Dik Geurts Useful information

The Most Efficient Use of Burning Wood

You achieve maximum output and minimum emissions by burning safely and sensibly. Moreover, you use less wood because of this, which is also much cheaper.

Always use dry and suitable firewood

Wood must be dry and suitable for use as firewood. Also, read which types of wood you can use best. Never burn waste wood or garden wood that has been treated chemically, chipboard, old railway sleepers or other processed wood. Combustion vapors may be released during the combustion of processed and treated wood.

Besides being unsafe, this is also very harmful to the environment. A good fire releases, at most, a small amount of white or colorless smoke (water vapor). Due to the high temperature, the wood is burned as completely as possible. However, if a lot of black, grey or grey-blue smoke is released, the wood is too wet or unsuitable.

Build the fire responsibly

On the advice of the Fire Department, we advise you to burn according to the Swiss method. Using this method, you can burn safely and cleanly.

Source : bit.ly/dikgeurts

How do I look after my wood burning fire?

Wood-burning stoves and fires require relatively limited maintenance. With a good installation, few problems are to be expected. However, good maintenance is an important point for attention when using a wood-burning fire or stove.

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Open fire or wood burner which is more efficient?

The efficiency of a contemporary wood-burning fire or stove cannot be compared to that of a traditional open fire. An open fire achieves an average of only 15% efficiency, because the fire loses a lot of heat through the chimney and does not reach such a high temperature. A newer wood-burning fire or stove achieves an average efficiency of around 70 to 80%. Due to the lower temperature of an open fire, combustion is less complete.

Dik Geurts guide when buying a wood burner

When purchasing a wood-burning fore or stove, there are various points for attention, depending on your personal situation.

The presence of a chimney or a flue

Do you already have a chimney or a flue? Then consult with an authorised dealer to verify whether your chimney or flue meets the requirements. Intensive use can cause wear and tear, and ultimately cause problems. The purchase of a new fire or wood-burning stove is a good time to have your existing chimney or flue checked, and if necessary renovate it. Remember that a flue must always reach above the ridge of the roof.

Creating a new chimney or a flue

Do you currently have no flue or chimney? Then it must be built before installation can take place. Take a good look at which location in your home is most suitable for this and which regulations your municipality has. It is also useful to inform your neighbours. Obviously, the dealer can tell you more about the possibilities and help you consider the most convenient way to create a flue for your home.

The capacity of your new wood-burning fire

The capacity of your new wood-burning fire stove is one of the most important considerations. Always choose a fire that matches the room that you want to heat. A capacity that is too low will barely heat the room. Capacity that is too high causes the room to become too hot, so you cannot let the fire burn fully. This, however, results in poor combustion, blackened windows and higher emissions. It is important to clearly plan in advance what capacity you need.

The importance of output

Think in advance about what exactly you expect from your new fire or stove. Would you like to have a pleasant evening now and then, and is the fire only for additional heating? Or do you expect the fire or stove to play a structural and vital role in heating your home? In the first case, output may not be the most important consideration, and you will probably pay more attention to style and ease of use. But if you plan to make intensive use of your fire or stove, output is likely to play an important role in your choice.

Nevertheless, in both cases it is advisable to opt for a fire or stove with high efficiency and low emissions. This will allow you to enjoy the heat in comfort and use less firewood. Moreover, you will have a minimum impact on the environment.

Models and styles

Contemporary wood-burning fires and stoves are available in a range of styles and designs. There is always a fire or stove with the right capacity to match your interior. For fires you have the choice between inserts and built-in fires. A built-in fire can be a good choice in new homes and for major renovations.

A fire insert can in many cases replace an existing fireplace, which is less drastic. For stoves you have the choice between a freestanding wood-burning stove, which can radiate its heat in the surrounding space, and a suspended wood-burning stove, which offers plenty of visual space in a smaller living room. You can also create a wood store underneath the stove. When visiting a showroom, you can view several setups and decide in consultation with the dealer which fire or stove is suitable for your living and heating needs.

Source : bit.ly/dikgeurts