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If your looking for a Morso wood stove then you have come to the right place. Hot Box Stoves are pleased to provide a varied range of Morso stoves. The Morso squirrel stove remains a firm favourite for our customers however we do have a great choice of contemporary and multi-fuel morso stoves to choose from.

Established in 1853 the Morsø foundry created a range of products, it wasn’t until the turn of the century that they provided tiled stoves and heaters to schools, churches, the railways, ministries and not least to the royal household which put Morso on the map. By the 1950’s central heating was established and this left only room for wood burning stoves. Morsø has developed into a global design company that brings warmth and comfort to homes around the world.


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Morso multi fuel stove

When shopping for a multi-fuel stove Morso have a fantastic range to choose from. Built to an impressive standard the Morso stove is a feature in many properties with the Badger and Squirrel being the most favorited.

Morso 6100 Series

Morso 6100 Series wood burner

The 6100 series from Morso Stoves see’s a more contemporary twist added to the range. A curved front aspect draws the flame around to create a visual masterpiece. With the option of incorporating a wood store beneath these little units pack an impressive 5kw output.

Morso 7600 series

Morso 7600 series stoves

Following the contemporary stove design from the 6100 series, this collection will sit in any design surroundings. A nice mid-height stove offers a great viewing platform for the firebox. It features a large contemporary styled handle and again curved wrap around door.

Morso 7900 series

Morso stove 7900 series

A true testament to design aesthetics the Morso 7900 series really sits head and shoulders above its competition in the stove market. With a multi-aspect viewing window, you really get a feel for the combustion of the fuel and a magical window of dancing flames to watch. Again featuring the large chromed handle for ease of fuel loading the Morso 7900 is a firm favorite.

Morso 8100 series

Morso 8100 stoves

And last but not least the Morso 8100 series features its unique clean and elegant design where the soft round corners meet its light and timeless look. Put simply a truly classical beautiful stove that will serve you for decades.

Why choose Morso stoves?

Morso is a great example of how the original design fused with advanced engineering can produce some of the most efficient and eco-friendly stoves in the world!

State of the art combustion technology that incorporates vermiculite firebox liners and secondary air ensures that every Morso stove surpasses the strictest clean air standards.

Morso commissions world renowned designers to create new stove designs that are timeless, you can choose from a large selection whether you prefer modern or traditional they will have a design for you.

Morso Facts

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Not welded or cemented together
  • The thickness is nearly twice as thick as a stove made of plate steel
  • Cast Iron has a unique ability to distribute heat easier
  • All internal castings are made from chrome iron.
  • Every Morso stove has an air wash system installed.

Useful Morso Information

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