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Built to last Scandinavian winters, you can rely on premium quality.

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Dovre stoves and fires are designed to burn wood and smokeless fuels and have been independently tested to exacting standards for safety, heating efficiency and emissions. The 250, 225, 425, 525, 500, 700, Vintage and Sense models have also been approved for the burning of wood in Smoke Control areas.

Wood is the better fuel in environmental terms being carbon neutral, as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. It is also a renewable resource, particularly when derived from plantations and cultivated woodland.

Dovre’s woodburning and multi-fuel stoves offer advanced Cleanburn technology for improved combustion efficiency and care for the environment. With more than 60 years’ experience in manufacturing stoves for the harshest of Arctic winters. Durability, brilliant heat retention and longevity, are advantages of cast iron stoves, and Dovre’s huge variety of shapes and textures in both contemporary and traditional styles give immediate appeal.

Dovre wood burning stoves

Dovre 250 and more

When searching for a Dovre stove the choice is vast. The timeless classic Dovre 250, 225 and Dovre 500 can be found here. Our range of Dovre stoves includes these traditional style stoves with varied heat outputs from 5- 8kw all available at a competitive price point. Dovre is the go-to choice for a reliable well built stove.

Dovre Astroline

Dovre Astroline

The Dovre Astorline range includes a contemporary edition of the 3 and 4cb a pedalstool style stove with unique firebox viewing window. These stoves sit beautifully in an apartment and will not look out of place with any decoration styling. Sit one of these stoves on a nice granite hearth and it will finish your room with a focal point.

Dovre bold

From: £1,116.55 £941.96 inc. VAT
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Ivar 5 and Kit

From: £1,485.56 £1,129.97 inc. VAT

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Dovre bold Cast Iron Stoves

Minimalist Nordic styling is what the Dovre bold offers. A truly contemporary stove featuring a tall firebox and curved viewing window. With finishes available in Matt black, Pure white or Grey enamel generating a superb flame visual treat is a simple task for this stove. The bold wood burning stove has advanced clean burn and airwash technology burning at up to 80% efficiency.

Dovre Sense

Dovre Sense Range

The Dovre Sense range packs an ultra contemporary design with a unqiue flame visual. The cast iron moulding is a true testament to the engineering. As this stove offers the impressive flame visual in a slimline package. Perfect for the styled finish whilst being highly efficient, carbon neutral and the perfect choice for smoke control areas.

Dovre Vintage

Dovre Vintage

Revive the bold styles of the 60’s and 70’s with a Dovre vintage stove. The ideal choice for a wood burner with a difference. These stunning vintage style stoves would not look out of place in a cottage or property renovation. Whilst retro in design they are packed with the latest technology incorporating the innovative clean burn and airwash technologies.

useful dovre information

Fire not burning for long?

Wood can contain a number of variable factors related to species, weight, age and moisture content. It is difficult therefore to be precise with regards to the length of burn time.

If it is thought that the fuel is burning too quickly:

  • The diameter of the logs are too small

  • If softwoods are being used, change to hardwoods

  • Excessive chimney draught. If so, fit a draught stabiliser

  • Worn out door and glass seals need replacing

Source :

Tar Formation
  • Use of unseasoned wood.

  • Poor chimney draught.

  • Operating the appliance while the fire is at very low temperature.

  • Seals on the flue joints in the convection chamber are not smoke tight.

  • Walls of the convection chamber are not clean.

Source :

Smoke is entering the room from the appliance?

If burning wood, make sure it is well seasoned with moisture content well below 20%. This usually requires the wood to be seasoned for 2-3 years. Trying to burn ‘green wood’ is like trying to burn water!

Ensure you are not closing the air controls before the fire is established.

Check for blockage in chimney (consult your chimney sweep if necessary).

If problems persist, arrange for your dealer or professional chimney specialist to report on the suitability of your chimney.

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About Dovre Stoves

Built to last the harshest Scandinavian Winters you can rely on premium quality. Solid Cast Iron Dovre Stoves are built to endure arctic winters.

Made from premium grade cast iron is that trusted each stove is backed by a 5-year guarantee. With expertly crafted wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, there is a Dovre for every property.

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