Installation Stack Stove

Installation Stack Stove
Installation Stack Stove

Installation Stack Stove with a lovely Mini Stack. Stack Stoves in red and white with ceramic column in this newly renovated kitchen.

Clients Brief :






Installation Stack Stove

The client wanted a focus in their new kitchen, we think the Mini Stack provides brilliantly.

The hearth was recessed into the newly installed floor. Furthermore, the ceramic column makes the installation to the above chimney system appear seamless.

Also we installed the chimney system in advance of the stove. Hence, preventing damage, we then returned to the property when the new kitchen had been installed.

ManufacturerStack Stoves by La Castellamonte
ModelMini Stack
FuelStack stoves can burn wood only
DEFRA approvedStack stoves are not DEFRA approved. Furthermore, making them unsuitable for burning wood in a smoke controlled zone (link to DEFRA page)
ConstructionSteel construction with ceramic outer shell. Similarly, these stoves are made to order in a vast range of colour options and can even be personalised.
Flue Diameter150mm flue diameter
Chimney SystemSchiedel Eco ICID twin wall insulated chimney system in chrome.
Property TypeModern Barn Conversion with large open plan kitchen, living, dining area.
LocationThe stove was installed in a small village in North Yorkshire, approximately 10 miles from York.
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Due to Stack Stoves being unique and each one is made to order, consequently, when considering one for your home please note that the lead time is between 6-8 weeks.

If you are looking to have your stove personalised, or want to see more stoves from this manufacturer than please visit our (link to Stack Stoves page)

Hot Box Stoves proud to be providing wood burning stoves throughout the United Kingdom. Should you need any assistance with your log burner selection please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. Tel : 01904 289 202

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