HotBlocks Wood Briquettes

£7.50 inc. VAT

Why choose HotBlocks ?

HotBlocks have a moisture content of less than 10%

Made in Yorkshire in a family business

Recycled clean waste wood with no MDF or other particle type boards

No glues or chemicals are added to the waste wood to bind the blocks together

Great consistency of burn from block to block, fire to fire

Between 3 & 5 cubic meters of logs would be needed to match a cubic metre of briquettes in terms of heat output.

Many briquettes are similar or even identical in shape and size to one another but contain completely different materials in their make-up. Always check the country of origin and the specification of the source material used to make them. Make sure they do not contain any harmful ingredients!

Some briquettes are made from harvested timber! Consider whether felling trees to provide feedstock for briquette manufacture is environmentally justifiable?

This pack contains 24 HotBlocks packed in a weather resistent pack.

Should you wish to place an order with us please do so by return e mail stating types and quantities .Delivery available upon request (cost depends upon distance and quantity but is normally £15.00 per drop incl. VAT)

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