Whats the difference between wood burning and multi fuel stoves?

wood burning inset stove, DG Vision 80

Wood burning or multifuel stove?

Should I buy a wood burning or multifuel stove? This is a question that we have been asked on a number of occasions over the years when installing stoves.

mini stack, wood burning or multifuel stove

All of the above appliances, installed by Hot Box Stoves, are examples of wood burning stoves. They do not have a grate and are designed specifically to optimise the combustion of wood fuel.

Whats the difference?

wood burning or multifuel stove

Simply, the difference between a wood burning and multifuel stove comes down to a grate, and how the air is controlled.

Wood burns best sat directly on a bed of ash with air from the top.

Smokeless fuels, need a grate to dispense the ash and air from underneath.

Further, as wood burns best on a bed of ash, you do not need to clean the stove out very often. In contrast, a multifuel stove will need to be emptied on a daily basis.

Moreover, wood burning stoves tend to be cleaner and more efficient.

Of course, wood can still be burnt on a multi fuel stove. However, due to the nature of the appliance, the process will be less efficient.

Hot Box opinion…

Our view on this subject is clear.

If you are considering installing a stove for room heating and ambience, always go for wood.

If you need prolonged heat and long burn times, a multi fuel stove is perhaps the way forward.

Consideration should be given to the fuel that you wish to use.

Multi fuel stoves can burn smokeless fuels such as anthracite, available as various brands. The Solid Fuel Association offers a useful guide. 

Smokeless fuels can be dirty, and smelly, your stove will need more maintenance too. Further, the lifespan of flue liners and components will be reduced significantly through the use of smokeless fuels.

Wood, as a fuel, burns without the same chemical bi products as smokeless fuels such as anthracite.

More so, wood is natural, clean, sustainable and the supply is increasing as its popularity to provide heat grows.

Again, a guide to wood fuel has been presented by The Solid Fuel Association. 

Quality of wood…

The quality of the wood you burn is imperative to the heat that it will produce.

Always buy well seasoned logs, more heat will be produced more quickly. Further, correctly seasoned wood will produce less emissions and burn more cleanly, great for your stove and the environment.

Hot Box Fuels are all ‘oven ready’ and fit for our range of wood burning or multifuel stoves. Check out our range of fuel….




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