5 Must have high end woodburners

Designer wood burning stoves for every occasion….

Designer wood burning stoves are out there and gaining popularity, less is more, more or less…..

Lets face it, we all love products that are a bit special, slightly unique, provide a air of quality. For the worlds leading luxury brands, this air of quality is the mainstay of their entire business. The wood burner market is no different.

Designer wood burning stoves versus something a bit cheaper, it does the same job right?…..

Sure, as with every product available, there is always something cheaper that does the same job.

This article intends to outline why spending a little bit more on your wood burning stove and installation this winter will pay dividends in your home. We have chosen 5 stoves form our unique edit that are this years must haves in any design conscious dwelling house!

Without further ado, straight in at number one, in our humble opinion…

1.Stuv 16/68 Cube and accessories… 

Stuv 16/68 Wood Burning Stove with Log Store, designer wood burning stoves, Hot Box Stoves sell Stuv.

The 16 range from Stuv, coming out of Belgium, are worthy of some floor space in any swanky penthouse apartment or Grand Design. 

Sure to impress even Kevin McCloud, these units are designed and built very nicely indeed.

Simplicity is the key to their luxurious aesthetic, clean lines and a massive view of the fire make them more than a contender.

Further, a range of condiments from soft close metal draw units to sit them on and pretty vertical log stores complete the look.

When considering such designer wood burning stoves we reccommend opting for the full package. Accessorise your Stuv with the drawer, range of colours available, and log store.

However, its worth remembering that these stoves need to be connected to a whopping 8″ flue, factor this into your cost as it can get expensive!

2. Spartherm Magic… 

Now then, if you are keen on getting one up on your neighbour, this is the wood stove for you! Check out the video on the link above, not sure we need to add more?

If the neighbour was keen to show you the Aga Little Wenlock he had installed, we suggest some healthy ‘one-upmanship’!

3. Spartherm Premium Range…

Again, our friends across the pond in Germany have been working their magic.

A superb range of stoves built with a keen eye for detail. The sliding door mechanisms allow the glass to slide up inside the unit as silently as an assassin, a good one at least!

These units come pre-assembled and can be built around to your own individual requirements.

Spartherm have carefully considered every detail and assembled them using only the very best of components.

Looking for designer wood burning stoves with a sliding door? Look no further.


4. Stack Stoves…

It would be impossible to discuss designer wood burning stoves and not mention Stack Stoves.

Built from a collaboration between a bloke with a pencil from Adriano Design, responsible for other expensive stuff, and La Castellamonte. Stack Stoves are colourful pieces of Hot Furniture designed to adorn the finest of residences.

5. Nordpeis Stoves…

We didn’t say that luxury was always expensive! Even Harrods sell T Shirts for £19.00, they are still luxury!

Nordpeis stoves, although more affordable than those aforementioned, certainly deserve some credit.

Built like a Bentley, these units offer some serious quality at a more than reasonable price point.

Heavy duty everything comes as part of the package with a Nordpeis designer wood burning stove. Thermotte linings make for a great view of the flames and clean burning technology allows these units to pump out some serious heat.

Looking for luxury on a budget, Nordpeis should be on you list.




In conclusion, designer wood burning stoves can create a real focal point in  you home. Hot Box Stoves can offer one for every occasion and every budget.

By upping the budget on your wood burner, you can create some real wow factor with the above stoves. Our advice, always consider the whole package incising installation before parting with your cash. The required flue liners or twin wall chimney components could easily tip the affordability balance.

More so, if you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, don’t be shy, give us a bell or drop us a mail, we are quite friendly and here to help….


Over and out….


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