An experts guide to buying stoves online

quality stoves online, Spartherm moder inset stove set into a wall in a contemporary setting.

Quality Stoves online….

We have outlined the reasons why buying quality stoves online can ensure you get the “best burn for your $”

Buying Stoves Online….

Buying a wood burning or multifuel stove online can often be risky. That’s why Hot Box have provided this blog post so that you know what to look out for.

We offer, what we believe, to be the best stoves for sale online on the market. We have spent a decade supplying and installing wood burning stoves and have whittled it down to a few key manufacturers.

Our team of experts will ensure you get a great deal when buying a stove online. Don’t be lured with a free flue pipe, free stove pipe thermometer, or pretty much anything that is portrayed as being free! Our view, if you have to give something away for free to sell a product, the product is probably not worth buying!

“Best burn for your $”….

It is no secret that a good quality wood burner is an expensive item. However, buying a good one will be an investment for both you and your property.

Further, when considering buying quality stoves online, always use the sellers expertise to obtain the best advice. If offered, use them for the other ancillary products. The  Hot Box team can help you ensure that you get the right bits to do the job, without the hassle.

Here, at Hot Box, our expertise in relation to the products that we sell and the installation components needed to fit them has been fundamental to our success.

Crucially, the stove that you choose to buy is only a small part of what you need. Arguably, the stove is less important than the elements to ensure safe and compliant installation.

Moreover, whether you are looking to buy just the stove or a complete installation package, try to use one supplier.

The Team at Hot Box Stoves, are all fully trained HETAS registered installers. We don’t just sell stoves and components, we fit them every day too.

The knowledge of our team has been formed over a decade in the Stove Industry

What will I need to buy with my stove? 

The staff at Hot Box, are always on hand to assist you on this subject. Without question, best way to ensure you get everything you need is to let us do the work for you.

To help our customers, we offer a Remote Quote function. Simply provide your details, a couple of key images, and our team will help you get the stove and components that are right for you.

Briefly, if you are looking to buy quality stoves online to fit into existing chimney, you will need to consider the following in addition to the wood or multi fuel stove.

From the stove Up…….

installation of a flexible flue liner into an existing chimney, Hot box Stoves, HETAS registered engineers and installers of wood burning stoves, quality stoves online.

  • Stove Pipe, buy this to suit the size of outlet on your stove, 5″ for 5″, 6″ for 6″ and so on. This component fits directly to the top of the stove and then to the liner via the part below.
  • Moving on, Flexi to stove pipe connector. This is the business end of any installation, it takes the force of the heat. This connects the enamel stove pipe to the flexible liner.
  • Moving up, Flexible flue liner, again, size this to the outlet on the wood stove. Without question, buy a good one, try not to scrimp on this. We use Schiedel Tecnoflex, and have done fort 10 years.
  • Further up, the termination outside is crucial to the success of any stove installation. Select a proper terminal to suit your chimney. These days, they are designed to screw together. Try a pot hanging cowl, this will simply screw to the liner and self support on the top of the chimney pot, keeping your liner watertight and secure.
  • Inside the property you will need a register or closure plate. This component sits above the stove and closes off the flue to the room.
  • Moving on, a Carbon Monoxide alarm is essential to comply with Document J of building regulations. 

In conclusion, when looking to buy quality stoves online, installation components online, as above, Hot Box, are clearly a leading choice.

The Hot Box team can offer unrivalled knowledge of all their stoves and components to ensure you buy what is right for you.

Twin wall chimney systems online….

twin wall chimney system outside a modern property, installed by Hot Box Stoves

Installing a wood or multifuel stove without a chimney? Hot Box Stoves can help find you a twin wall chimney system.

Also, as with the above example, it is important to ensure that all of the right parts are delivered. The Hot Box Team, have used Schiedel twin wall Components over 10 years, they have never let us down.

Furthermore, the components required when installing a stove using twin wall systems can be complex. Our remote quote function allows customers to get a detailed overview of what we would take to site to fit a stove in this fashion.

Our HETAS registered staff, provide the knowledge to ensure you get the right parts to complete your job.

Additionally, whether you are installing a stove through an external wall, through a flat or pitched roof, we will be able to help you buy exactly what you need.

Finally, if you don’t have a chimney, require help and advice, give Hot Box a try.

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