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The DRU Range offers a traditional cast iron stove that is built to take whatever you can throw at it. We always spec these stoves where clients want to burn multifuel and want a robust unit that can take the heat and throw it our over a long period of time. The bigger units are capable of heating the largest of rooms, weighing in at 250kg they can burn tree trunks all day long, so long as they are seasoned of course! 

DRU wood and multi-fuel range of stoves offer a superior selection of cast iron stoves that are available in enamelled colour finishes. Clean Burning (CB) equipped with primary air controls where air is pulled from beneath the fire plate to start the burning process. Secondary air fed through special air inlets at the back of the stove is then fed through inlets at the back and lower chambers at the front. This air is pre-heated and takes care of the ‘air wash’ of the glass window. Multi-Fuel stoves burn wood as well as coal and DRU offer two methods of operation. An optional funnel feeds the coal automatically into the burning chamber, improving efficiency and comfort. This process allows many hours of continuous burning, with an adjustable thermostat.


Dru wood burning stoves